The best way of getting people to feel OK about something is to normalise it – make it part of their everyday life.

Nothing to be afraid of.

Andy Cast

Campaign Director, Holding Hands 4 Equality

At a time when some amazing steps are being taken to create equality for the LGBT community, it saddens me that the simple human act of holding hands is so difficult for many LGBT couples.

Roland White

Director, Create Reality

The simple display of being a ‘normal’ couple in public, sends a far more comprehensible, powerful message that same sex couples are just like any other couple.

Sarah & Lauren

Amazing campaign articulated beautifully without hate or sensor allowing for difference in itself.

Paula Protheroe

Retail Manager

#HoldingHands a simple statement of one human being’s love and affection to another will always be something to shout about

Nick Randall

British Broadcasting Corporation

We have to redefine ‘normal’ so we can all be counted as equal and not judged by those who have no right to judge!

Paul Willis

Coffee Shop Owner

In the end, aren’t we all human beings who deserve to live in a world without fear of being themselves and having affection for another human being?

Vince Cipollone

Corporate Development Executive & Co-Chair of IBM UK LGBT Group, IBM

Holding Hands 4 Equality

Making #HoldingHands the everyday, carefree act it should be. 


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