Holding Hands 4 Equality was started off nearly 2 years ago as the brain child of Andy, born from the simple idea that the simple acts should be free for everyone to do. During this time we have worked with some amazing organisations such as IBM, Hampshire County Council, South Central Ambulance Service and the Eastleigh Mela Festival.


But the time has come for us to re-evaluate our ability to carry on the campaign while also doing our full time jobs. The level of time and focus we know the campaign deserves is beyond what we can currently commit to so we have made the hard decision that we will be taking a short break while we concentrate on the things we need to do to pay the bills. This is not us saying we are giving up – it is a short holiday while we regroup and re-energise ourselves.


We will carry on sharing anything appropriate we come across on both our Facebook and Twitter pages and would ask you to do the same. Thank you for all your support over the last two years. Equality for all of us is an important mission and we couldn’t have done what we have without you. So for now….. till we meet again.



Andy Cast

Campaign Director

James Mead

Operations Lead

Holding Hands 4 Equality

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