In April 2015 I wrote an article for EILE magazine about homophobia. It wasn’t my first article for them on the subject, but this one was slightly different. I had read something about how homophobic people learn to be more accepting the more they encounter gay people. I won’t rehash the whole article here, so if you want to know more on that go to this link. However, just in case you don’t have time to read it, you do need to know that at the end of the article I raised a challenge for everyone to show their support for LGBT equality by posting a photo on social media of themselves holding hands with someone they love on17th May for IDAHOBIT- and Holding Hands 4 Equality was born.

Since that first article, HH4E has morphed into something far bigger than just a social media photo campaign. We want to create a world where anyone can hold hands and love anyone they choose without fear or shame. So many LGBT people are victims of homophobia – be that from others or from their own mental anguish which has been caused by society’s stigmas over the last 100 years.

HH4E has marched at Pride events around the Hampshire area to promote our movement. We have created videos, blogs and Internet memes to affirm, educate and support the LGBT community and equality. On our social media pages we share positive stories of success for equality and support those people who are doing whatever they can to promote equality to get their message even further. Our aim is to create positive solutions and interventions to get people to think about how they can support equality. We have shared our vision for a better world in radio interviews, newspaper articles and photography exhibitions.


We have big ideas for the future – mentoring schemes and welfare centres, educational training for small businesses and individual counselling for those struggling with their sexuality.

But for now, we want, once again, to flood the Internet with pictures of people holding hands for IDAHOBiT to show that the supportive voices are so much louder than the negative ones.

Join us on May 17th and post your #holdinghands photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make sure you mention us and why not nominate a few friends to show their support for equality and human rights. We can make this world a better place for everybody and there’s nothing more supportive than the simple act of holding hands.