With all the recent wins we’ve had in the fight for equality, it’s easy to forget how difficult the journey has been to get where we are.


As with any change, getting acceptance for the LGBT community hasn’t been an overnight happening. People like Harvey Milk and Peter Tatchell, amongst many others, fought for us, in some cases literally. The Stonewall Riots heralded a change in our own tolerance to being bullied and oppressed. Many of our community have been hurt or given their lives to show we are not prepared to be considered as second class citizens.


Yesterday I went to a charity screening of the film ‘Pride’. I hate to admit this is the first time I’ve seen it and I wish I had seen it before as it gave me renewed inspiration and determination to continue with our work of standing up for human rights. I say human rights rather than gay rights for a very valid reason. This is about more than just the right to be seen as equal regardless of our sexuality. This is about being seen as equal because we are human. It’s the same battle which has been waged across the years – be it because of race, colour, sexuality or even your job – we are all human and all the same. That’s what the fight is about.


It takes more than just a change in law to get acceptance – it takes a change in hearts and minds. Whilst we are still a long way from being seen as equal, we are much closer.


Every February we celebrate LGBT History Month. A time to reflect on our past and how it informs our future.


In this video, we look back into our history and show while we have moved forward in our effort to be seen as equal we also need to remember the journey to true equality is far from over