Campaign Director for Holding Hands 4 Equality Andy Cast and his partner Paul Willis were the subject of an article in the Southern Daily Echo ( after Andy began a campaign to combat homophobia by focussing on the little things that many take for granted, like holding hands. The article received a slew of homo- phobic comments – demonstrating that there really is still a need for campaigns like HH4E to exist.

“Disgusting, bring back the death penalty”

“Whatever floats your boat but there is no need to flaunt it, and why do gays have to show their sexuality all the time with the gay pride marches and carnivals etc. I’ve never seen heterosexuals marching just because they are not gay.”

“In Britain, 100 years ago gay men were executed, 75 years ago gay men were im- prisoned, 50 years ago gay love was made legal between consenting adults in private, now gay TV personalities, actors, etc. openly boast of their sexual preferences, photos of ordinary gay men are splashed across the local paper! I say each to their own, live and let live, —- but I’m leaving the Country before they make it compulsory!”

“All for lesbians kissing, cuddling, scissoring… But blokes? Keep it off the streets please”

Rather than ignoring the comments or retaliating, HH4E and its supporters created this video using words taken from a poem by the campaign’s Operations Lead, James Mead, to show everyone that love is stronger than hate and that all love is equal.