I have to admit – I’ve been blown away by the support we have seen for Holding Hands 4 Equality. In just over 3 months we have:

  • Had over 600 people like our Facebook page
  • Gained over 200 followers on Twitter.
  • The YouTube video ibm’s UK LGBT network EAGLE put together has seen over 7k people view it.
  • We have attended Portsmouth Pride, London Pride and this weekend we will be at Bourne Free in Bournemouth.
  • Our Campaign Director, Andy, has been interviewed on 2 major radio stations and the podcast he recorded with Nick Randall of SNS Online has been played on another major radio station.
  • We have had the opportunity to attend the Excellence In Diversity Awards as the guest of JPMC
  • Seen companies such as Fujitsu join in and share photos of their teams #HoldingHands for equality.
  • Holding Hands 4 Equality has been featured in publications such as eile.ie, the Huffington Post and Diva

Up until this point all our activities have been funded by ourselves – not something we have any regrets about as the campaign is something we believe in from the very depths of our soul. But we can only take the campaign so far like this so we are asking for your help. We have started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to help us move the campaign onto the next level.

As well as carrying on our social media campaigns, we want to start to work with small and medium sized businesses as well as colleges and universities. Did you know that 61% of out LGBT university students choose to go back into the closet when they leave and take up full time employment? It’s a shocking number – and all down to students not knowing how future employers will treat them if they are out. If we can help educate and inform these businesses and help ensure they know how to treat potential LGBT employees then future university leavers will not have to second guess how they will be treated in the business world.

So we are reaching out to you – our supporters, to help us do this. I know it’s easy to like and share pictures and links. What we would love is for you to spare a few pounds – if each of our followers on facebook donated £1 we would be nearly two thirds towards our goal. For those who want to donate more we are offering some great perks through the Indiegogo campaign including limited edition wristbands and t-shirts.

So please… help us out. If we do not make our target of £1000 by the 3rd August then we do not receive any of the pledges.


You can find full details of the campaign and all the perks here.