Our aim was to try and flood Facebook and Twitter yesterday with images of people holding hands as a way to show everyone we are all the same, primarily across the LGBT spectrum, but it equally applies across every strand of the diversity spectrum.


From what we saw, I hope you will agree it was a great success. So thank you – thank you to everyone who posted photos, shared messages, liked our Facebook page, followed us on Twitter and proved that homophobia, biphobia and transphobia have no place in our world.


I would like to give a special thanks to the following who made it such an amazing success:


The IBM UK EAGLE group who worked with IBM employees across the world to produce a video in support of our initiative – you can see the final result on YouTube. Vince Cipollone was the brains and driving force behind the idea, you can read his personal thoughts about the campaign on our blog.


Nick Randell, a friend of mine and the man behind SNS Online, for making me sound so good on radio and his tireless promotion of the campaign – without him we wouldn’t have had the media exposure we had.


Scott, Marian and EILE magazine for the platform to share my thoughts and launch this campaign.


ALL my friends and family who have had to listen to me wax lyrical at every opportunity about Holding Hands and why this has been so important to me.  This includes my partner Paul who’s supported me over the last few weeks, put up with my absence, both physical and mental, and been the ‘someone’ I love and want to hold hands with.


Finally, to James Mead, who has been my PA, driver, technical expert, social media assistant, emotional counsel and spiritual guide, and most importantly my friend, since we started all this just a matter of weeks ago.  Without him, this truly wouldn’t have gone much further than an article published in EILE.  Thank you James for everything you’ve done and for believing that such a simple idea could make a difference.


The HH4E team are now going to take a well deserved break and regroup to decide where we go next with Holding Hands.  There is so much more we can do to spread the word about equality, acceptance, diversity and inclusivity. Hopefully, we can count on all of you to join us on the journey to a better world where everybody, no matter their gender, sexuality, skin colour, creed, race, religion, physical ability, or any other possible difference, is allowed to love whoever they choose without fear of judgment, bias, anger or retribution.