I’ve never been one to hide who I truly am, well once I fully accepted I was a gay man at 18. But I still have issues showing any sign of affection in public. Even in my younger years, I still had issues holding the hands of any girlfriend when we went out in public, showing affection of any kind. 

That is my own personal dilemma though – I find any form of public display of affection slightly embarrassing. Maybe I am a prude, maybe I feel it is something that should be done in private. If I see it I feel like I am invading a private moment between two people, even though it is in public. Even walking in on two people showing a moment of affection, I feel embarrassed. 

Although #HoldingHands is a campaign to get people to post photos of themselves holding hands in public, it is not a campaign to force people to show their affection in public – it is not a mandate that “though shalt hold each others hands”. It is giving people the choice – a choice to hold the hand of the person they love. We are wanting to give people the choice to. 

The fact one persons love is deemed evil compared to another’s, just because they choose to love someone of the same sex, is wrong in my eyes. But again, that is just my personal viewpoint. A viewpoint others may share but is disregarded as it does not fall within current social norms. 

So, whether you enjoy showing affection in public, or find it slightly awkward, I would ask you to take a deep breath and join in. Let everyone know they have the choice – as that is what it boils down to. People should have that choice – to hold hands or not, when they are out in public, or a sly private moment in the shadows.